Art Therapy in Schools
Effective Integration of Art Therapists in Schools

Released by Dafna Moriya Ph.D. ATR - October 2000

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About the Book

Schools are increasingly employing art therapists. Properly integrating art therapists in schools makes it possible to maximize the high potential of therapy work with children, as well as contributing to the entire school environment. Supervisors, principals, teachers, school counselors and educational psychologists will find here a concise explanation of the nature of art therapy, along with case examples. This booklet provides a theoretical and practical survey of the issues surrounding the integration of emotional therapy in an educational framework.

The author (a former information systems engineer) has worked as an art therapist in a private school for children with ADHD, regular public schools, a private therapy center in a religious school, and special education schools. She presents a systematic model for therapy work procedures, including sample forms, in regular and special education schools, as an organizational tool for therapists, administrators and other school personnel.

Book Reviews

International Society for the Psychopathology of Expression and Art-Therapy (S.I.P.E) Newsletter number 24, March 2001:

"This small book presents an extremely precise modeling of the development of art therapy within the Israeli space. Dafna Moriya's demonstration or more exactly research-action is characterized in that it can structure the art therapist's place, function, and skills within the educational system. There is no question - as we often see in France - of hiding this action under a school animation -revival scheme or even a prevention program. In fact there is a true integration of Art Therapy in the school dynamics for children with learning problems and behavioral disorders. A unique occurrence in the international literature, this book established a new practice in art therapy. In this respect everyone must read it" (J.L. Sudres)

American Art Therapy Association (AATA) Newsletter, Volume XXXIV Number 1, Winter 2001:

"Dafna Moriya, MPS, ATR, has written a new book entitles Art Therapy in Schools - Effective Integration of art therapists in schools. The book provides a theoretical and practical survey of the issues surrounding the integration of emotional therapy in an educational framework and offers a useful set of forms for the school art therapist. Privately published. Available from the author and at"

International Networking Group of Art therapists, Vol. 13 No 2, Summer 2001:

"Dafna Moriya, ATR, a graduate of Pratt Institute and supervisor working in the schools in Israel, has written an excellent handbook for Art Therapy in Schools which is available in English as well. I was very impressed with the practical tools she offers for organizing, reporting, recording and evaluating therapy geared specifically to the school environment. Anyone interested can look up Dafna on the interenet:" (Hannah Sherebrin, RN, ATR)"

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